Sister Arlene

Sister Arlene radio show allows for an uncensored, unapologetic voice to the enemies of GOD of course, unashamed open forum; it is a place where no bars are withheld, giving callers the comfort to express themselves sincerely and honesty about their everyday problems, challenges and constant battles against the enemies of GOD in their lives.

At anytime, during a broadcast you can hear the visiting presence of the HOLY SPIRIT and the HALLELUJAH praises, numerous testimonies and a declaration of just how great the Almighty GOD is and how through it all they are constantly delivered by the hand of GOD once faithful, fearful and true.


Sister Arlene is Live on Air:

Sundays    9 PM – 1 AM

Mondays    6 AM – 10 AM

Tuesdays   10 PM – 2 AM

Wednesdays  6 AM – 10 AM

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